About Applecore Books

Applecore Books was set up to provide a home for stories that readers love and that authors believe in. Created by the authors themselves, Applecore specialises in fiction for children and young adults that is based on real life. We don't do fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal or futuristic - instead, we believe there's enough emotion, action, excitement and adventure right here, right now, in the world we all live in! 

Applecore is the brainchild of Kate Hanney and Wendy Storer. 

Our name is a metaphor. It’s the bit of the apple most people don’t want, and yet it’s the bit with all the seeds for new growth. We have both worked as teachers with some of the most disadvantaged children in society, and believe that as with apple cores, every single child has the seeds within them, to grow into the person they would really love to be.